School Performances

Wyee Public School students enjoy participating in performing arts.

This year Wyee Public School band will perform.


Stage Shows & Entertainment

The Wyee Round Up will have a variety of free entertainment for attendees including local dance groups showing off their talents.

Check out the line up who will coming to entertain the crowd:

Sit back and enjoy the show!

Wyee fire truck.JPG

Wyee & Wyee Point RFS

Wyee and Wyee Point Brigades will be showcasing a range of activities that simulate what real fire fighters do when responding to an incident.

Kids will be able to jump in the fire truck and take a look at the equipment, have a go on the hose and knock down some fire targets, use an electronic fire extinguisher and walk through a purpose built smoke house to simulate a structure fire!

And for a bit of fun both Wyee Point & Wyee RFS will be going against each other in "friendly competition"!
Who will you be cheering on...?

Make sure you visit our local friendly fire fighters to chat about preparing your home for the upcoming fire season and putting your Bush fire survival plan into place.

The team will also have some awesome kids packs and lots of lights and sirens!